Nolla takes care of the hygiene of the Floorball World Championship

Nolla Antimicrobial mukana järjestämässä Salibandyn mm-kotikisoja

Finnish company Nolla Antimicrobial as a builder of a health-safe event – 16 teams at home competitions clean their hands and equipment with Nolla products

The Men’s WFC will be played in December 3.-11th in the city of Helsinki. Much attention has been paid to health safety measures at the World Championships. At the largest international sports event of the year, the Finnish Floorball Association, together with Nolla Antimicrobial, takes care of the hand hygiene of athletes, judges, volunteers and the media, as well as equipment maintenance.  

We are involved in the Floorball World Championships, enabling athletes and other groups participating in the games, such as hundreds of volunteers, to be able to take care of good hand hygiene throughout the games. Nolla hand sanitizer foam is very fast-acting, as it destroys harmful viruses in as little as 15 seconds, says Pirkko Kapraali, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nolla Antimicrobial.  

Safe event is built with quality products and responsible choices

It was reported last week that the new restrictions of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland on public events would not affect the World Championships.  

Although the restrictions on public events do not apply to the World Championships, we have paid attention to safety in many different ways. Through partnership with Nolla, we are able to provide quality, domestic products to ensure the health safety of those who participate in the games. Under current legislation, we cannot introduce a corona passport, but by ensuring good hand hygiene and adhering to the mask recommendation, and only coming to the games in good health, we can each enable a safe match success, the Event Director at Finnish Floorball Association Hanne Pirkola sums up.

Picture: Anssi Koskinen

Nolla’s products are based on the patented Finnish invention Nolla™ technology and are manufactured in Finland. In addition to the hand sanitizer foam, the product range includes Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer, which allows teams and referees to refresh and disinfect their own equipment.  

Nolla Sport Gear Sanitizer is suitable for disinfecting many types of non-washable products. It can be used, for example, to treat sticks, a goalie’s helmet, shoes or a training bags. Especially during long events, such as the World Championships now at hand, equipment attracts microbes that cannot be removed by airing or drying, Kapraali continues.