Rid of smell of sweat in sports equipment

Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer poistaa hien hajun varusteista

Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer spray, you can quickly remove the smell of sweat from sports equipment and clothing and make it odourless. The sports equipment spray is also suitable for refreshing and disinfecting non-washable equipment. Use it for hockey skates, gloves, helmets or training bags, for example.

Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer fulfils exactly what has been sought for a long time: it eliminates the smell and dirty feeling and, most importantly, kills bacteria from sports equipment and is also effective against corona viruses. The effectiveness of the product is based on the patented NollaSilver Polymer Technology, which is the result of more than 20 years of research. No wonder that Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer has also been used by many top athletes.

See how Teemu Selänne makes his hockey gear odourless.

How to use

Spray on the area to be treated. Let dry. Very fine spray composition, does not make the gear or textiles soaking wet. You can rub on the sprayed surface to intensify the spread. Repeat if necessary.