Nolla – The revolutionary biocide

We have taken the performance of biocidal silver to levels never seen before in antimicrobial efficiency or cost effectiveness.

The story of Nolla

The story of Nolla Antimicrobial began in 1997, when the idea behind Nolla technology was born. The idea was to use an ionic polymer as a carrier material for highly effective antimicrobial ionic silver. Finally, after extensive studies Nolla silver polymer technology was introduced to markets by Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd in 2013.

Today Nolla Antimicrobial manages a network of companies working for different operative areas of the company. Nolla Antimicrobial is a privately owned and financed company. All development of Nolla technology has been privately funded.

The management team of Nolla Antimicrobial consists of six members located in four countries across Europe. The experience areas of the management team cover technology development, business strategy, internet operations, legal matters, market analyzing and financing.

Nolla polymer

Silver has been used for a long time in different forms in the antimicrobial field, but we are the only true silver polymer producer in the world.

We are creators of silver ionomers, a very specific group of ionic polymers which have silver ions bonded to a polymer backbone via primary bonding. Nolla silver polymers have self-organizing structures, which is the main cause of their unparalleled performance.

Silver ionomers are suitable for killing viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast. Its safety-to-effectiveness ratio is superior to any other biocide’s.

What we do

We create new applications for Nolla technology. Nolla technology can be used in many fields like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biocides (disinfection) and even in veterinary and industrial applications.

We cooperate with other businesses by licensing Nolla technology and production know-how in biocides and in cosmetics. The Nolla product range is already in dozens and is growing steadily.

We also produce Nolla silver polymer. We have a state of the art production facility in Helsinki Science Park, Finland and produce several Nolla polymer grades.

Vision and philosophy

Make money by killing germs safely and effectively
Microbe control is mandatory for all of us. Hospital environments are extremely sensitive to microbes, and hospital transmitted diseases are amongst the most common causes of death in the western world. We can kill MRSA, MERS, SARS and other extreme pathogens with our safe and effective Nolla silver polymer technology.

The beauty of green chemistry in biocides
Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, is a philosophy of chemical research and engineering that encourages the design of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Sustainable chemicals consumption, especially with biocidal chemicals, is one of the key elements in saving our environment. Nolla technology helps to reduce residual chemicals by over 90% compared to average products in the market.

How can a biocide be environmentally friendly? By being effective and safe to use. Biocides are essential for daily life, but many of of them are harmful to people and the environment. Nolla Silver Polymer Technology is designed to be a sustainable and environmentally-friendly biocide technology.

Principles of green chemistry in Nolla silver polymer technology:

  • Our manufacturing processes minimize the amount of raw materials needed. Silver content on the ground is about 0,1 ppm (part per million) and in the sea water about 0,01 ppm. Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam contains only 90 ppm of silver, but still fulfills European EN 1500 standard.
  • Our manufacturing process is extremely safe.
  • Our raw materials are renewable. Our active substance in biocides is AgCl, which is found in the ground in mineral ceragyrite. Silver is environmentally friendly, and silver ion is the most effective natural biocide.
  • Our manufacturing process maximizes energy efficiency. We make use of all reaction heat in production.
  • Nolla means “zero” in Finnish, which illustrates our zero wasted material from manufacturing.
  • Usage of our Nolla technology helps to reduce chemical consumption and harm to the environment.
  • We have zero emissions to water or air, and noise during production is very low.
  • Functionality of our products is sky high, performing as promised.
  • Our products are designed to protect consumers and minimize irritation. We do not use preservatives, fragrances or colorants in our products. Fragrances alone are one of the top 5 allergens in the world.

Contact us

For more information on our products, Nolla technology or any business inquiries contact Nolla Antimicrobial.