Valtteri Bottas races Nolla’s WRC car in the Arctic Lapland Rally

Valtteri Bottas ja Nolla Antimicrobial

International motor sports pilot Valtteri Bottas will attend in the Arctic Lapland Rally for the third time. This year he will jump on the sticks of the Nolla race car. Bottas is known from the international circuits but he is also a tough rally man. Last October he tested Nolla’s WRC car in France with the aim to participating in the Rallye d’Antibes Côte d’Azur. However this event had to be canceled due to heavy weather conditions.

Valtteri Bottas Nolla-autolla Arctic Lapland Rallyyn
Valtteri Bottas and Nolla Antimicrobial join the Arctic Lapland Rally.

Bottas will now drive with a Citroen DS3 WRC  which is familiar from last year. The blue-and-white coloring of the car reflects Nolla’s two new and globally patented consumer products. Valtteri has been involved in the development of these products.

Valtteri Bottas desinfioi kypärää Nolla Antimicrobialin urheiluvarustesuihkeella
Sports Gear Sanitizer refreshes and disinfects sports gear and textiles.

“I’ve been using Nolla’s products for a long time and they work brilliantly. I use hand sanitizer several times a day and Nolla’s non-alcoholic hand foam is the best on the market. It does not dry your hands, it is fragrance free and does not stick. The best sanitizer to your hands in the world. The other Nolla’s product is Sports Gear Sanitizer, which disinfects and refreshes sports equipment without leaving any odor on them. Convenient and practical. ”

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Nolla Antimicrobialin tuotteet Nolla-auton konepellillä
Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam and Sports Gear Sanitizer are made in Finland and they are Key Flag products.

56th Artic Lapland Rally will be in Rovaniemi from 15 January to 16 January 2021.

Valtteri Bottas Nolla-autolla Arctic Lapland Rallyyn