Valtteri Bottas and Nolla Antimicrobial join the rally

Nolla Antimicrobial ja Valtteri Bottas ralliyhteistyöhön

The opening of the rally cooperation between Valtteri Bottas and Nolla Antimicrobial Oy was to start with “Nolla Car” in southern France in the Rallye Antibes Cote d’Azur between 16th to 18th of October. Due to harsh weather conditions, this year’s race was canceled. In December last year, Bottas drove to victory in the Rallycircuit Cote d’Azur rally.  Valtteri has now driven tests with Citroen C3 WRC-rocket.

Bottas’ next rally race has not yet been locked, but e.g. The Arctic Rally is a possible next Nolla Car race at the end of January 2021.

Finnish motor sport star Valtteri Bottas and Nolla Antimicrobial join the rally.

Special design of the car

The blue-and-white colouring of the Nolla car is due to two new globally patented products — the white side of the car represents Nolla’s non-alcoholic hand sanitizer foam and the blue side is about disinfectant spray for sports gear and equipment. Both products are highly unique worldwide. “Biocides and pharmaceutical molecules have very long development times, and we are the only company successfully developed a new patented biocidal active molecule,” says Jyri Nieminen, Chairman of the Board, and continues, “In hand sanitisers our active ingredient is the only less than 100 years old technology available today.” 

Valtteri Bottas ralliyhteistyöhän Nolla Antimicrobial Oy:n kanssa.
The white side of the car represents Nolla’s non-alcoholic hand sanitizer foam and the blue side is about disinfectant spray for sports gear and equipment.

Products are available in Finland and familiar for Bottas

“I have used both products for a long time, and they are just fantastic. Nolla’s alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer foam is very pleasant to use and it’s completely odourless. The Sports Gear Sanitizer works perfectly for many kinds of sports gear” commented Bottas about his experiences of the products launched by his partner.

The world’s most powerful products for hand sanitation and sports hygiene

Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam is effective, plentiful and gentle. The product is completely non-alcoholic, but still highly effective against coronaviruses and other enveloped viruses. In addition, it provides longer-lasting protection than traditional alcohol-based products. Nolla technology also eliminates WHO-classified, the world’s most dangerous antibiotic-resistant microbes. It can be said to be the most powerful hand sanitizer in the world!

Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer is a product designed to make old sports equipment odour free. The product is also effective against coronaviruses and other enveloped viruses by destroying them 99,99% in only 15 seconds, and virtually deodorises even old sports equipment by destroying odour-causing bacteria and yeasts.

Rally cooperation continues

There is no deadline for the duration of the cooperation agreement between the parties, and with these prospects Bottas will drive several rally races in the Nolla Car within the limits allowed by the F1 calendar.

Nolla Antimicrobial ja Valtteri Bottas, Nolla-ralliauto
Valtteri Bottas to drive Nolla car in an off-season rally competition!

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