The Key Flag Symbol as a recognition to Finnish work

Nolla Antimicrobial Teemu Selänne

To us, responsibility means strive to improve people’s wellbeing and quality of life. We at Nolla Antimicrobial develop and produce highly advanced antimicrobial sanitizing products and solutions. Our foundation is based on well-researched, safe to use, sustainable and high-quality products.

Responsibility can also be seen in our continuous efforts in research and product development as well as in the strive to support and promote Finnish work and know-how.

Our first consumer products Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam and Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer have both been awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol (“Avainlippu” in Finnish) which recognized that the product has been manufactured in Finland. Additionally, also theused active ingredient Nolla™ Silver Polymer Technology is manufactured in Finland and has been awarded the Key Flag symbol as a recognition for promoting and supporting Finnish work and knowhow.

The Key Flag Symbol can be awarded only for a product that is manufactured in Finland as it signifies the Finnish labour and craftsmanship. The symbol also demonstrates that the product helps to create Finnish jobs. The Key Flag Symbol is awarded and registered by the Association for Finnish Work. Read more about the Key Flag Symbol.

Already, many Finnish athletes trust Nolla’s products and the company is also supported by some top athletes from different sports, such as the living ice-hockey legend and sports enthusiast Teemu Selänne, who uses Nolla’s products on a daily basis.