Tamro Oyj to distribute Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam

Greetings from Nolla! We have concluded a multi-year partnership contract with Tamro, a service provider and a distributor of pharmaceutical and health products.

The contract covers distributing Nolla’s hand sanitizer products to pharmacies, hospitals and well-equipped grocery stores around Finland.

The feedback from pharmacies shows that there is widespread, enthusiastic interest towards Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam.

It is also possible to launch Nolla’s products rapidly and extensively around Europe in the near future through Tamro’s parent company PHOENIX. International interest towards the only silver polymer-based biocidal products in the world and Nolla™ Silver Polymer Technology is enormous.

“We are truly happy and proud of our partnership with Tamro. Tamro will help us distribute our hand sanitizer products extensively around Finland with an option to expand to Europe. Tamro’s team beams with positivity, flexibility and overall enthusiasm,” says Nolla’s CEO, Mika Virkki, with a delighted expression.

“Nolla Antimicrobial’s products use a technology never before seen in the market. It is wonderful to work with a Finnish innovation, and we warmly welcome Nolla Antimicrobial as a client of Tamro,” says Tamro’s Sales Director Jari Laaksonen.

Tamro’s contact details:

Jari Laaksonen, Sales Director, Tamro, +358 (0)40 722 5888, jari.laaksonen@tamro.com

Product information for pharmacies who wish to order the product from Tamro:

Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam, 100 ml
Product and order number: 2169605