Partner for the Finnish Olympic Team

Nolla Antimicrobial mukana Olympialaisissa

Nolla participates in managing the Finnish Olympic Team’s health security.

The Finnish Olympic Committee and Nolla Antimicrobial Oy have entered a partnership for the Tokyo and Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games 2021–2022.

Nolla will take care of the Olympic Team’s safety as regards to hand hygiene by providing them with all necessary hand sanitizing products. When carrying out an event during these exceptional times, it is essential to carefully consider the safety of the athletes and event organizers. Finnish Nolla products are perfectly suited for this purpose due to their long-lasting capacity and high quality.

Nolla Antimicrobial yhteistyössä Suomen Olympiakomitean kanssa

We at Nolla are great sportslovers, and our company is backed up by well-known Finnish athletes such as Teemu Selänne and Valtteri Bottas. Taking care of their health is particularly important for athletes, and hand hygiene is a key factor in the chain of fighting infections. Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam is alcohol-free, proven effective and still gentle on the hands. It has been developed together with Finland’s Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. Due to its foam-like texture, the hand sanitizer spreads easily, dries fast and does not leave a sticky feeling on the hands. Each of these are important qualities for athletes of any type of sports. 

– Olympic Games are the main goal for many athletes and take years to train for. We want to do our part in enabling the health-secure participation of athletes by taking care of their hand hygiene at the Tokyo and Beijing Olympics. The alcohol-free, odor-free Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam is gentle on the hands and still effectively destroys viruses and bacteria. We make hand sanitizing a positive experience, enabling athletes to concentrate on their performance, says Pirkko Kapraali, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nolla Antimicrobial Oy.

– Top athletes are very aware of the health risks related to the competitions and know how to protect themselves against those risks. Now that the Games take place in exceptional circumstances due to the pandemic, the risk is higher than normal. Luckily the Finnish Olympic Team got to partner with Nolla Antimicrobial, who represent high-level Finnish health technologies. The new partnership ensures that the team has access to necessary hand sanitizers to destroy harmful microbes in both Tokyo and Beijing Olympics. Alcohol-free Nolla products are safe and pleasant to use. Best of all, the products are made in Finland, praises Maarit Valtonen, Chief Physician of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Nolla Antimicrobial Käsidesivaahdot

Nolla Antimicrobial Oy is a Finnish technology company producing biocidal products based on proprietary patented Nolla™ Silver Polymer Technology against bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes. Our operations are based on carefully studied, safe antimicrobial products for various business sectors. Our first products for consumers include Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam and Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer spray. Our products are made in Finland and have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol.

Finnish Olympic Committee is a national organization for sports and physical activities that strives to promote Finnish people’s engaging in physical exercise and succeeding in elite sports. Together with our member organizations and partners we are bringing the vitality of sports and physical activities to Finland. Read more

Nolla Antimicrobial yhteistyössä Suomen Olympiakomitean kanssa

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Nolla Antimicrobial Oy: Sales and Marketing Manager Pirkko Kapraali, +358-50 3777 996

Finnish Olympic Committee: Executive Manager of Marketing & Partnerships, Ville Köngäs, +358-40 9625463