Nolla found effective against MRSA

Nolla silver polymer proven to be a powerful antimicrobial against MRSA at the dawn of the post-antibiotic era. Nolla has over 99.99% efficiency against MRSA while being safe and comfortable to use.

Superbugs, or multidrug resistant bacteria, are considered as one of the biggest threats to humankind. Multidrug-resistant bacteria have grown significantly in number within the past decades. This is mostly due to overuse and misuse of antibiotics, but also due to ineffective antimicrobials, which lead to the development of resistance among pathogens. One of the most common and the most dangerous multidrug resistant bacteria today is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

MRSA emerged in the 1960s as a nosocomial or healthcare-associated (HA) pathogen but has recently developed into society associated (SA) and livestock-associated (LA) MRSA strains.

MRSA colonization of livestock has been observed already in studies1,2. Similarly, MRSA colonization is found among healthcare workers in hospitals who have been in contact with MRSA patients (infected or colonized). Extremely worrisome findings have lately displayed nosocomial transmission of MRSA through contaminated food. The number of HA-associated infections in Europe alone affects annually around 150 000 person, causing approximately 380 million euros of extra costs to EU healthcare systems.

Current status of MRSA emphasizes the need for effective and sustainable antimicrobials to annihilate and prevent the spreading of MRSA strains. MRSA spreads usually through person-to-person or livestock-to-person contact or through contaminated surfaces. Prevention of the spreading of MRSA requires not only efficient antimicrobials but also extremely strict procedures in the case of MRSA colonized or infected humans and animals.

Most of the antibiotics and biocides are not effective against MRSA due to multiple mechanisms of resistance, which include efflux pumps, impermeability barriers, and target alterations. Nolla technology provides an oligodynamic solution, which improves the efficiency of the technology but also prevents the development of the bacterial resistance.

In short, Nolla’s active substance, silver (chloride), has multiple mechanisms of action, which include cell wall disruption, interference of cell organelles and metabolism, causing a cell death. Furthermore, the utilized polymer carrier allows the use of ionic silver and, importantly, it enhances the action by directly affecting the cell wall of bacteria. Hence, the effectiveness and sustainability of Nolla technology is based on synergy and multivalency.

Nolla has over 99.99% efficiency against MRSA within 60 seconds with just 150 ppm of silver content. The outstanding efficiency can be adjusted by changing the amount of silver, in addition to the flexibility in the choice of application specific solvent.

Also, Nolla is proven to be hypoallergenic in long-term use in clinical trials with at least 300 ppm of silver content. This makes Nolla the only hypoallergenic biocide technology currently available. Due to flexibility and hypoallergenicity of Nolla technology, fields of application include hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and cosmetic products, ranging from healthcare environment to sports related changing rooms, and working life environment.

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