Nolla Cosmetics Oy

The Nolla Silver Polymer technology can be used for endless end-use applications, everything from hand sanitizers to cosmetics to industrial solutions.

While the biocide-grade Nolla polymer, Nolla BG, is developed and licensed by Nolla Antimicrobial, the further development and licensing of cosmetic-grade Nolla polymer, Nolla CG, has been moved to a new company, Nolla Cosmetics Oy.

This move enables Nolla Cosmetics Oy to further focus on developing new, cutting-edge antimicrobial active ingredient Nolla CG for cosmetic products. Nolla CG can be used for varying general and highly-targeted customer groups. The end use product formulation portfolio already covers body, face and hair care and more formulations are on the way.

CEO Jyri Nieminen comments: “Customers, regulations and IPRs are different in biocides and cosmetics, so spinning off cosmetics business makes sense. This arrangement helps us to accelerate growth in both sectors, and brings us flexibility.”

Nolla Cosmetics Oy, Nolla CG and the cosmetic product range can be found at