Nolla aboard in enabling a health-safe World Cup Levi event

Nolla Antimicrobial mukana Levillä

Nolla takes care of the hand hygiene of the public, competitors and the race organization by providing hand foam to the event area. Nolla hand sanitizer foam is effective against all enveloped viruses, e.g. corona viruses, in 15 seconds.

– For our part, we want to enable a health-safe World Cup of alpine skiing by taking care of the hand hygiene of athletes, spectators and organizers, bringing a positive user experience to it. The non-alcoholic Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam manufactured by our company is skin-friendly. It does not make your hands dry, does not sting, is fragrance-free and yet it is effective against corona viruses and the five super-bacteria identified by the WHO as the most dangerous. Our hand sanitizer foam can also be used by people with sensitive skin and those with hypersensitivity, says Nolla Antimicrobial’s Sales and Marketing Manager Pirkko Kapraali

Picture: Nisse Schmidt

Nolla Antimicrobial Oy is a Finnish technology company that develops and manufactures its patented biocidal products based on Nolla™ Silver Polymer Technology against bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Efficient and safe Nolla™ Silver Polymer Technology is a Finnish invention that was born as a result of more than 20 years of research. Nolla Antimicrobial Oy was founded in 2014 to commercialize Nolla™ technology. Globally unique Nolla™ technology holds patents covering more than 140 countries. The company is creating new applications for its Nolla™ technology with its b2b partners, such as companies in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and textile industries. The company’s first consumer products are fragrance-free and alcohol-free Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam, developed in collaboration with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association, as well as Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer sports equipment spray. Both products are manufactured in Finland and hold the Key Flag Symbol.

– Last year we were involved arranging the health-safe Levi World Cup and we will continue our journey this year as well. Partnership with the World Cup Levi means a lot to us. It is something we are doing together, which will bring our young Nolla brand awareness both in Finland and in the international market, says Pirkko Kapraali. 

Nolla Antimicrobial mukana Levillä järjestämässä terveysturvallista maailmancupia
Picture: World Cup Levi / Victor Engström

Nolla Antimicrobial has been collaborating with the sports scene since its inception. The soul of the company lives on sports because it brings well-being and joy of life for everyone. Nolla Antimicrobial cooperates in sports with the Finnish Olympic team both at the junior level and at the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Nolla Antimicrobial’s flagship product, the Sports Gear Sanitizer, is already a standard product for many athletes. It disinfects and removes unpleasant odours from sports equipment and is also effective against corona viruses. Behind the company are renowned Finnish athletes, hockey player Teemu Selänne and F1 driver Valtteri Bottas.

Nolla Antimicrobial World Cup Levi

Nolla Sports Gear Sanitizer is suitable for e.g. for ski boots, helmets, hockey equipment, football and sports shoes, gloves, training bags or even old technical training shirts.

– We improve well-being through health safety and sports equipment hygiene. Several athletes “struggle” with their equipment, which has a stinking odour. They need to be put on, although the nose says no thanks. Nolla has developed and manufactured a sports equipment spray that makes equipment odourless and at the same time disinfects it. Good hygiene of sports equipment improves the comfort of equipment and its service life. Even old sports equipment is odourless and does not need to be thrown away, Kapraali sums up.