F1- star Valtteri Bottas becomes one of the owners in Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd

Sept 2019, Helsinki Finland

The shareholder register of Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd was amended as Formula 1- star Valtteri Bottas, became one of the owners of the company.

A collaboration with the Finnish company is a natural step for Bottas as Nolla Antimicrobial is on the verge of launching its first consumer product, a new hand sanitizer foam.

Using hand sanitizers is part of the everyday life of this Finnish F1 star. “I travel a lot in my work and meet many people every day. It´s very important for me to take care of my health and maximize the ways to stay in shape and sound. Hand hygiene is the most important single element in this health chain to avoid infections”

Nolla Silver Polymer Technology is a fascinating innovation. Thanks to this innovation, I can keep my
focus on my work with less worries as a result of the extended protection against infections. Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam for sensitive skin is a new and proven alcohol-free hand sanitizer. It gives longer protection and is odor free. I have tested it for almost a year and Nolla works great. The decision was easy when I was offered a chance to get behind this Finnish innovation and its superb team. I can
now proudly state that I am a partner and one of the owners in the company¨ Bottas says.
Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam for sensitive skin has been granted the label Allergiatunnus, provided by the Finnish Allergy Skin and Asthma Federation. The product will be launched at the end of January 2020 and distributed to the Finnish pharmacies by Tamro, a leading, independent pharmaceuticals logistics provider. At the same time, Nolla Antimicrobial will open web-based consumer sales, presents its new brand design and publish the
product launches planned for the spring of 2020.

About Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd.
A Finnish privately owned limited company. It is developing, manufacturing, selling and promoting new, technology based, biocide products and solutions against hazardous bacteria and other microbes. Nolla Antimicrobial provides innovative products which support consumers’ health, fighting and eliminating antibiotic resistant bacteria. A growing risk that will affect the well being of humankind.
The World Health Organization (WHO) published in February 2017 a list of the world’s most dangerous antibiotic
resistant bacteria. At the same time the organization expressed an immediate challenge to the industry to develop
new biocides and antibiotics. For the first time for over 30 years, Nolla Antimicrobial is launching a radical new
biocide technology and a biocide active ingredient to the European market based on this technology.

As the result of a long-term research and development work, Nolla Silver Polymer Technology eliminates effectively
and safely all WHO listed most harmful super bugs in a skin friendly way. Nolla Antimicrobial is currently analyzing the effects on other highly harmful bacteria with promising preliminary results.

*Biocides fight and eliminate harmful microbial organisms.

For further information contact Mika Virkki, CEO Nolla Antimicrobial
+358 40-5769941 mika.virkki@nollaantimicrobial.com
Valtteri Bottas’ agent Ville Ahtiainen ville@valtteribottas.com

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