Waterless Shampoo for Pets

Nolla Waterless Shampoo for Pets cleanses and eliminates odors without water or rinsing.

  • Cleans and deodorizes your pet without water
  • Great for extending time between baths
  • Stress-free option
  • Unscented

Product details

waterless pet shampoo

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If wetting and rinsing causes anxiety for your pet, Nolla Waterless Shampoo for Pets is the perfect solution.

This gentle foaming and moisturizing no-rinse shampoo cares and cleans your pet. Nourishing and conditioning components such as aloe vera, betaine, panthenol and biotin help to improve your pet’s coat and look.

The formulation is boosted by a naturally occurring silver salt. Silver is a well-known antimicrobial widely used in everything from wound care to odor control. This antimicrobial silver salt is delivered by Nolla silver polymer technology which enables efficient and safe use of silver. With the help of silver, Nolla Waterless Pet Shampoo neutralizes pet odors caused by bacterial and fungal growth on coat and skin.

This non-irritating, fragrance-free and dye-free formulation is suitable for requent use. Great for dogs and cats.

Use: Apply shampoo foam to the palms of your hands and massage thoroughly. Let dry and brush.

Active ingredient: Silver Chloride (<0.01%)

Waterless Shampoo for businesses

We offer two forms of cooperation for Nolla Waterless Shampoo for Pets:

  • Private label: Our product, your branding
    We can have our products manufactured with your branding, so you can seamlessly add them to your product line. Our contract manufacturers offer fast delivery times and high quality.
  • Licensing: Nolla technology in your own product
    If you manufacture your own products, we can license Nolla silver polymer technology to be used in them. We offer full support for our licensees to make the deployment process as smooth as possible.

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