Horse Hoof Care Spray

Nolla Horse Hoof Care Spray is a ready-to-use spray for complete care of horses’ hooves.

  • Eliminates bacterial and fungal growth on hooves
  • Effective and safe to use
  • Unscented
  • Alcohol free

Product details

horse hoof care spray bottle

Packaging example

Damp and moist weather conditions enable bacterial and fungal growth on horse hooves. This microbial activation can cause severe infections. Spraying Nolla Hoof Care Spray on a regular basis will neutralize the infection causing bacteria and fungi. In addition to providing an antimicrobial barrier, this alcohol-free spray contains moisturizing components to condition the hooves.

The antimicrobial effect is based on the naturally occurring element of silver. The antimicrobial effect of silver is enhanced by Nolla silver polymer technology, which is the most effective way to use silver. In this way only a small amount of silver is needed, which makes the spray safe for you, to horses and to the environment.

Use: Clean the hoof as thoroughly as possible. Spray evenly on all hooves daily for best result. After spraying, contain the horse in a clean dry area and wrap the hoof if necessary.

Active ingredient: Silver Chloride (<0.01%)

Packaging: Recyclable trigger sprayer bottle.

Hoof Care Spray for businesses

We offer two forms of cooperation for Nolla Horse Hoof Care Spray:

  • Private label: Our product, your branding
    We can have our products manufactured with your branding, so you can seamlessly add them to your product line. Our contract manufacturers offer fast delivery times and high quality.
  • Licensing: Nolla technology in your own product
    If you manufacture your own products, we can license Nolla silver polymer technology to be used in them. We offer full support for our licensees to make the deployment process as smooth as possible.

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