Eye Wash and Cleanser for Pets

Nolla Eye Wash And Cleaner for Pets is a gentle and effective treatment for irritation and itching caused by dust and debris in the eye area.

  • Use to clean and soothe irritated eyes
  • Gentle and effective
  • Keeps your pet’s eyes clean and healthy

Product details

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Pet’s eyes are just as prone to dust and debris as your eyes are. If the eyes are continually irritated by dirt, it can lead to chronic tearing which causes tear stains. Therefore it is important to keep pets’ eyes clean to prevent severe conditions to develop.

Naturally occurring silver is a safe and effective antiseptic for pets’ eyes. Nolla silver polymer technology enables the most efficient use of silver in ionic form, which makes it safe and effective choice.

Nolla Eye Wash and Cleanser for Pets’ light formulation does not leave residues on treated area. Being alcohol-free and fragrance-free, it is very gentle for sensitive area around the eyes.

This easy-to-use solution is ideal for dogs, cats, birds and horses.

Use: Wipe away excess matter from around the eye. Saturate a cotton wipe, pad or gauze with Nolla Eye Wash and Cleanser for Pets and wipe around the eye paying attention to tear stains. No rinsing necessary. Repeat daily for best results.

Active ingredient: Silver Chloride (<0.01%)

Eye Wash for businesses

We offer two forms of cooperation for Nolla Eye Wash and Cleanser for Pets:

  • Private label: Our product, your branding
    We can have our products manufactured with your branding, so you can seamlessly add them to your product line. Our contract manufacturers offer fast delivery times and high quality.
  • Licensing: Nolla technology in your own product
    If you manufacture your own products, we can license Nolla silver polymer technology to be used in them. We offer full support for our licensees to make the deployment process as smooth as possible.

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