Veterinary Products

Antimicrobials are important for maintaining the well being of animals. Equally important area is the treatment and prevention of infectious and zoonotic diseases as these conditions have a deep impact on the animal’s health and welfare.

Nolla silver polymer technology with its broad spectrum antimicrobial efficiency helps to fight against most bacterial and fungal threats and diseases as well as render antimicrobial property into hygiene products for pet owners.

Nolla in animal care

With a unique molecular structure enabling safe delivery of silver ions to the affected site, everyone can safely use products utilizing Nolla technology from pet owners to veterinarians.

Nolla silver polymer technology is especially well suited for animal care due to its delicate nature.

Skin tolerability and irritation potential of Nolla has been tested in ex vivo studies with excellent skin compatibility results. Nolla is also a completely alcohol-free technology and therefore animals do not experience painful stinging that alcohol based products induce.

Silver is a naturally occurring element found everywhere on earth and it has been used for a long time as an antimicrobial. With the help of Nolla technology, the smallest and the most effective units of silver, silver ions, are safely and sustainably delivered from an invisible polymer matrix, which keeps the antimicrobial silver ions active for a long time.

Product range

Nolla technology product range stretches from grooming to disinfecting.

Water-based formulations from sprayable solutions to foams and emulsions are all easily produced around the Nolla technology.

Nolla’s intelligent and efficient use of silver ions means that it is more cost-effective than other antimicrobial technologies.

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