Nolla safety overview

Due to the very low amounts of silver needed for Nolla’s full antimicrobial effect, products based on Nolla are safe to use on a daily basis. Nolla products are safe even when misused or accidentally ingested.

Non-toxic silver

Silver eliminates microbes but is safe for humans and mammals.

Silver (Ag) is highly effective at eliminating microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi). While being a highly effective biocide, silver’s toxicity towards humans and other mammals is extremely low. In fact silver is so safe for humans that it is used as a food and drink colorant. In the EU silver is used in foodstuffs under E-code E174.

Silver exposure limits

It is impossible to exceed WHO or EPA silver exposure limits by using Nolla products.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined 10 grams of silver as a lifetime silver exposure that does not have adverse effects (NOAEL) (source).

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that safe daily lifetime consumption of silver is 5 micrograms per kilogram in bodyweight per day. For an adult weighing 80 kilograms this would be approximately 0.4 milligrams of silver per day or 0.15 grams per year (source).

To be exposed to this much silver a person would need to drink 20 – 40 litres of Nolla silver polymer containing products like deodorant liquid or hand sanitizer foam.

Nolla and argyria

It is impossible to get argyria from Nolla products.

Silver accumulates over time in to the systems of humans and other mammals. This has not been found to have ill effects to health. The adult human body contains about 2 milligrams of silver and small amounts of new silver is introduced via food and drink.

Exposure to large quantities of silver causes argyria, where silver starts to accumulate on skin and turns it into a blueish gray color under the sun’s UV-light. Argyria is classified as a cosmetic hindrance and to get it a person needs to consume several grams of silver.

It is impossible to misuse Nolla-containing products in a way that would lead to argyria: to get argyria from Nolla products would require drinking tens of liters of Nolla products each day for several weeks. External exposure to silver is much less harmful compared to internal, and all Nolla products are for external use only.

Less skin irritation

Nolla causes 50% less skin irritation than popular hand sanitizers.

In addition to being far less toxic than other antimicrobial technologies, Nolla products also cause less skin irritation.

Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam has been evaluated with the BUS method by Professor Dr. M. Kietzmann, in Hannover, Germany. The BUS model (perfused bovine udder) is directly comparable to living skin. The cell irritancy value of a substance is evaluated by measuring concentration of proinflamatory mediator prostaglandin.

In the tests Nolla’s skin compatibility was found to be excellent. After one hour exposure time, the cell irritancy value caused by Nolla Hand Sanitizer Foam was 50% lower compared to reference alcohol hand sanitizer gel.

All products based on Nolla silver polymer have the same low skin irritation potential and are safe to use on a daily basis.

Accidental or intentional misuse

Water-based Nolla sanitizers are an ideal choice for environments and situations which have potential for accidental or even intentional misuse.

The most common form of sanitizer misuse is ingestion, either by accident or on purpose. Purposeful sanitizer ingestion is commonplace and motivated by hand sanitizer’s alcohol content. Water-based Nolla products don’t contain any alcohol, thus removing any incentive to drink them. If ingested accidentally, Nolla does not cause serious ill health effects (as seen above).

Another problem of traditional sanitizers is that they are highly flammable. Hand sanitizers especially have been reported to be the source of both intentional and accidental fires. Water-based Nolla liquid is not flammable. You could not set it on fire no matter how hard you tried.

The unique combination of safety and effectiveness makes Nolla-based products the sanitizers of choice for law enforcement, prisons, military, hospitals and mental care facilities, day care centers, schools…any place where safety is of the highest concern.

More information

For more information about the safety of Nolla technology, contact Nolla Antimicrobial.