Nolla Technology Compared to Nano Silver Particles

Nolla technology is based on the revolutionary idea to use a polymer as the carrier and distribution agent for ionic silver. The pure polymeric nature of Nolla technology opens several new application areas for ionic silver from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

Ionic and nano silver

The difference between ionic silver used by Nolla Antimicrobial and silver nano particles used in other antimicrobial silver technologies can’t be overstated.

The diameter of silver nano particles are commonly between 10 to 60 nm. In Nolla polymer, the silver is in ionic form, which is about 0.2 nm. Surface area of ionic silver is decades larger compared to nano particle form silver.

Only ionic silver is antimicrobial, and silver nano particles release ionic silver as an active component. Because of Nolla polymer’s liquid nature and excellent solubility to water and alcohol, active component reaches microbes easier in small cavities of the contaminated surfaces. This is a remarkable benefit.

Solution to ionic silver dilemmas

Ionic silver has an unfortunate tendency to agglomerate strongly and fasten itself to or react with other ionic species. However, in Nolla silver polymer the ions are already bonded to the polymer backbone of Nolla. This ionomer structure prevents silver ions from agglomerating and forces them into an optimal structure for antimicrobial purposes.

Nolla’s ionomer structure also stabilizes silver ions against UV-light and heat. This makes it possible to use Nolla technology in application areas where performance in a wide temperature range is required.

Another important benefit of Nolla’s ionomer structure is dramatically decreased cytotoxicity of silver ions to human skin. This again widens the performance window of silver in antimicrobial applications.

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While there are many nano silver technologies and companies, Nolla Antimicrobial is the only developer and producer of true silver polymer.

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