Nolla benefits

Using Nolla silver polymer technology offers unique benefits over competing antimicrobial technologies, including over other silver based antimicrobial technologies. Thanks to Nolla’s unique qualities, it can be used on new kinds of antimicrobial products that offer never before seen performance and cost effectiveness.

Main benefits

silver chloride

Nolla is extremely cost effective.
This amount (4g) of silver chloride is enough for 700 bottles (50ml) of hand sanitizer foam.

  • Nolla is stable
    Nolla silver polymer technology offers advantages to dispersion stability and ultraviolet light stability. Biocide-grade Nolla contains active polymerically stabilized ionic Silver Chloride (AgCl), and is free of colloidal or nano particles. This unique stability-performance combination opens the door to a totally new platform for antimicrobial products.
  • Nolla is cost effective
    Because of its fully polymeric nature, Nolla silver polymer technology has the ability to form ultra-thin antimicrobial layers on surfaces. Layer thickness is decades lower compared to products containing silver particles. This contributes to cost effectiveness, as very low silver amounts are needed to cover surfaces. Low silver ion solubility out of Nolla enhances long term performance.

How is Nolla different from other silver-based biocides?

  • Invisible
    With Nolla silver polymer technology it is possible to form invisible silver ion containing layers for microbial protection.
  • Low silver ion release
    Nolla silver polymer can be solved to water or alcohol based products. Polymer forms thin layers to different type surfaces. Nolla silver polymer layer emits silver and chloride ions extremely slowly.
  • Long-term protection
    Nolla Silver Polymer forms thin elastic breathable polymer layers on surfaces eliminating microbial growth and offering long term protection.
  • Free of nano silver
    Active component Silver Chloride is dispersed with dispersion agent polymer to form even ionical distribution of silver chloride into polymer. There are no particles, which offers several practical benefits over particle containing technologies.
  • Enhanced adhesion
    Nolla silver polymer carries a strong positive charge which makes strong contact with negatively charged surfaces. This characteristic makes it ideal for surface disinfection purposes.
  • Unique
    Our own cutting-edge manufacturing line located in Luxembourg produces polymer containing ionically dispersed stable Silver Chloride – Nolla.

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