Nolla Compared to Silver Sulfadiazine

Nolla silver polymer technology offers several key advantages over silver sulfadiazine.

The current solution

Silver sulfadiazine is the most commonly used topical antibacterial agent in the treatment of burns.

Silver sulfadiazine is stable. It is insoluble in water, alcohol and ether and does not appear to stain. It has many clinical benefits, including a broad spectrum antimicrobial performance, low toxicity to mammal cells and minimal pain on application.

The normal formulation of silver sulfadiazine needs to be applied twice a day.

Nolla vs silver sulfadizine

Nolla shares the benefits of silver sulfadizine. Nolla is also stable, has broad spectrum antimicrobial performance and low toxicity to mammal cells and causes minimal pain on application.

In addition to the shared benefits, Nolla has two important unique advantages over silver sulfadizine: higher antimicrobial performance and ease of application.

Nolla is more antimicrobial than silver sulfadiazine due to the larger active surface area of the silver ions in Nolla.

Performance comparison:

  • Concentration of silver sulfadiazine needed for reducing MRSA by 90% (1.0 log reduction) in 24 hours is 64 µg/ml.
  • Concentration of Nolla polymer needed for reducing MRSA by 90% (1.0 log reduction) in 5 minutes is 9.0 µg/ml silver content.
  • According to EN13697 test Nolla polymer reaches 98% (1.9 log reduction) in 5 minutes with 90 µg/ml silver content.

The other major advantage of Nolla compared silver sulfadiazine is its ease of application and removal. The ease of use is attributable to the water solubility of Nolla.

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