Licensing Nolla Technology

Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd. licences Nolla silver polymer technology to the biocidal and cosmetic business sectors. The license enables production and global sales of all Nolla biocide and cosmetic products.

Cost effective excellence

Nolla technology is extremely cost effective, and our licensing fees are very competitive.

The current Nolla portfolio includes over 30 high-quality products for the cosmetic and biocidal markets: deodorants, hand sanitizers, disinfection spray, scalp serum, foot spray, odor eliminators etc.

In addition to offering superior performance compared to competing products, all Nolla-based products are extremely cost-effective to manufacture. This together with our reasonably priced license guarantees attractive profit margins.

The licensing package

The licensing package is designed to make the process of starting the production of Nolla silver polymer-based products fast and smooth whether insourced or outsourced.

Quick time to market is achieved by making all of Nolla Antimicrobial’s production and product know-how available to the licensee and by actively supporting the licensee from the production ramp up onwards.

The licensing package includes:

Nolla technology transfer to licensee
Basic knowledge of technology is essential for understanding everything Nolla technology can do and for planning production, sales and marketing.

Current and future product recipes
Our recipes are thoroughly researched and tested. Our product development is ongoing and the product selection grows steadily. Nolla Antimicrobial works in close cooperation with its license holders in the development of new products.

Production know-how
Nolla technology sets some quality requirements for production equipment. With the help of Nolla Antimicrobial typically only very minor investments to are needed to production equipment.

Performance data of Nolla products
There is a lot of data of the performance of Nolla products from independent third party evaluations. Licensees have access to all current and future performance data.

Consulting to speed up cash flow
Consulting support for fast production, sales and marketing ramp up.

Fast time to market
The licensing package guarantees a fast time to market with the selected products. Production formulas and third party evaluations are ready for multiple products. Production ramp-up times are fast thanks to full support from Nolla Antimicrobial. Alternatively, by using outsourced production, time to market can be as low as 1 – 2 months depending on the products and market sector.

Supply of Nolla polymer
Nolla Antimicrobial supplies the proprietary silver polymer needed for the products. For guaranteed, timely deliveries Nolla Antimicrobial always keeps at least 6 months worth of raw materials in stock. Production of Nolla polymer takes place in our facilities in Viikki Science Park, Helsinki, Finland. Current maximum production volume is 200 million euro annually (calculated in end products).

Benefits of licensing Nolla technology

High earnings
Customers love the safe-to-use and effective Nolla-based products. For the licensee they combine cutting-edge technology with low manufacturing costs and wide market potential – Nolla license permits worldwide sales.

Optimal risk profile
New antimicrobial technology development programs typically take years and require large investments with significant risk. Avoid these problems altogether by licensing Nolla technology and the already market-tested products based on it.

Low investment needs
Production equipment investments, research and development costs are minimal. The licensing initial down payment is low, and royalties are only paid after the end products are sold, further decreasing the licensee’s capital requirements.

Proven technology and formulas
All key products have been tested for safety and effectiveness by independent third parties. Studies available on request.

Option to outsource production
All Nolla-based products can be ordered as private label products from our contract manufacturers instead of producing all of them in house. Outsourcing enables a focus on brand marketing. It can also be used as a low-risk first step before your own production ramp up.

Licensing costs

Licensing costs consist of an initial down payment, percentage based royalty and the cost of Nolla polymer. Our pricing is extremely competitive.

  • Down payment:
    Currently the down payment is 25,000€. It is expected to increase due to wider market penetration, strengthening immaterial property rights and expanding product range.
  • Royalties:
    The royalty percent is single digit.
  • Nolla polymer:
    Pricing of the Nolla polymer used in the products is transparent: Nolla Antimicrobial charges the production cost + 30% production fee. Nolla is extremely cost effective, the polymer’s cost is almost negligible – about one tenth of the royalties.

Nolla Antimicrobial works diligently to increase the value of the Nolla technology licenses by introducing new high-performance biocide and cosmetic products, creating new immaterial properties, and publishing academic studies to support business activities.

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