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Biocides, components killing microbes like virus, bacteria, fungi and mold, are mandatory for mankind.

Controlling microbes is essential for hospitals, other health care sectors and food processing industry. Because of growing antimicrobial resistance of microbial species, it is obligatory to develop new biocidal technologies.

Nolla is a versatile and effective next generation biocide.

Nolla in biocides

Nolla works against microbes in multiple ways. It is effective against bacteria, virus, fungi and mold, which makes it the ideal antimicrobial technology for varying biocidal products.

Because of Nolla’s polymeric nature and adhesion properties, it can form molecular layers to various surface materials. These adhesive properties and the low cost of Nolla make it possible to coat all critical surfaces with Nolla and reduce microbial contaminations by 99.99999%.

Nolla biocidal product range

Current product portfolio focuses on hand hygiene, but it also covers several other biocide areas, like anti-mold spray and textile spray.

Hospital acquired infections are rising steadily and, according to WHO, poor hand hygiene in health care is the most significant factor behind hospital acquired infections. Nolla performs optimally in hand sanitizing products. It gives protection for an extended time by forming an antimicrobial moisturizing layer on hands.

Skin tolerability and irritation potential of Nolla has been tested in ex vivo studies with excellent skin compatibility results even with high concentrations. Nolla is also a completely alcohol-free technology and does not sting when applied on skin.


Nolla Antimicrobial licenses Nolla technology for biocide applications. The current biocidal product portfolio consists of over 20 products, including several market tested products with high earning potential.

Licensing package contains technology transfer, product formulas, production parameters and everything else needed for production. Licensees can also use contract manufacturers to accelerate sales ramp up, increase product portfolio, get production flexibility etc.

Time to market can as short as one month after signing the licensing agreement.

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