Nolla Antimicrobial finalist in World Cup Tech Challenge

We are happy to announce that Nolla Antimicrobial has been choose as one of the four finalists in the prestigious Next Gen Technology competition of 2015 World Tech Challenge. The event is going to take place on June 4th in Silicon Valley at Microsoft Campus.

World Cup Tech Challenge is dedicated to the next generation of emerging technology companies that are in their pre-global stage and are ready to go worldwide. Nolla Antimicrobial has been named as one of top four companies in Next Gen Tech category that requires using technology as one of the key business enablers. Nolla silver polymer technology will be presented to 35 judges and the winner will be selected via a thorough review process.

Companies from 51 countries applied for the competition. Being chosen as one of the only four finalists in the Next Gen Technology category is already a great success for Nolla Antimicrobial. This however is just the beginning of an exciting event that is going to gather specialists, technology and business leaders, investors and press to Microsoft Campus.

Nolla silver polymer technology eliminates
viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast while being safe to use, cost effective to produce and environmentally friendly. Details of the technology and its vast market potential will be presented to the jury and audience in Silicon Valley by Jyri Nieminen, founder and CEO of Nolla Antimicrobial, who hopes to come back to Nolla headquarters in Andorra with the World Championship title.