Strategic value of Nolla technology is growing

The continuation of banning of biocidal active ingredients in Europe continues to increase the strategic value of Nolla technology.

Due to recent stricter evaluation of active substances many widely used biocides, such as PHMG and triclosan, have been banned. These active ingredients are used in consumer and professional products like hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants. This global change is strengthening the demand for new regulatory compliant biocides like Nolla.

PHMG was banned earlier and now the European Commission has decided on the non-approval of triclosan in the product-type concerning human hygiene. The EU-wide ban comes into effect from January 2017. In the USA Minnesota is also banning triclosan at the same time.

Nolla outperforms competing technologies in hand sanitizers and many other applications

Active ingredient amounts in Nolla-based hand sanitizers are about 98 % less compared to triclosan-based hand sanitizers. Nolla hand sanitizers contain between 90 to 150 ppm of silver as active ingredient, while triclosan is used at 3,000 to 20,000 ppm concentration. Sustainability of Nolla is excellent because of the low active ingredient concentration and the fact that Nolla’s active ingredient Silver Chloride (AgCl) is naturally occurring.

“The regulatory changes in the European market are very positive from our point of view” says Jyri Nieminen, Founder of Nolla Antimicrobial SL and continues “Biocides are mandatory for the well-being of mankind and during the last four years two important active ingredients have been banned in Europe. Little has been invested in the R&D of new active ingredients due to high risk of failure, regulatory costs and long time-to-market. This puts Nolla Antimicrobial in a unique position. We have a new regulatory compliant technology and have reached market approval by using ultra-low amounts of silver chloride. Due to technical problems and high cost of silver, it’s been impossible to provide silver-based hand sanitizers before.”