Smellawayz licenses Nolla™ technology

The Andorran outdoor sports company Smellawayz has signed a licensing agreement with Nolla Antimicrobial. The two companies created a Body And Gear Spray for sports enthusiasts for eliminating odors from sport equipment and the whole body.

Nolla Antimicrobial developed Body And Gear Spray in cooperation with extreme sports professionals and Smellawayz to meet high performance needs. The Body And Gear Spray is conveniently available as a 200 ml aerosol spray, which lasts for several months even in frequent use.

“Smellawayz is a fascinating partner for us for several reasons. We cooperated to develop a completely new product to meet a specific need. Also, Smellawayz operates in an extreme sports niche, which is something a pharmaceutical company like Nolla doesn’t get to be involved in very often.” says Jyri Nieminen, founder of Nolla Antimicrobial.

The product has already garnered excellent customer feedback. “We are going to have a fast introduction to market with the Body And Gear Spray. Over 100 stores around the Principality of Andorra are going to start selling the spray.” says Merlin Balfour, the owner of Smellawayz, and continues “We are also shipping the product to France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

About Nolla technology

Nolla technology is based on the idea of using specific ionic polymers as a carrier material for ionic silver, the most effective antimicrobial substance. The result is a fully polymeric silver, with thousands of times higher active surface area compared to silver nano particles. Higher surface area of silver ions means high antimicrobial performance.

About Nolla Antimicrobial

Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd. is a pharmaceutical development company with a proprietary antimicrobial technology based on silver polymer. The technology can be used in cosmetics, biocides, pharmaceuticals and in industrial applications. It can be used for anything from deodorants for ultra-sensitive skin to biocides like alcohol-free hand sanitizer foam, which reduces MRSA and coronavirus (SARS, MERS) by more than 99.99%.

About Smellawayz

Smellawayz is an Andorran outdoor sports company which aims to improve the comfort of outdoor activity enthusiasts by eliminating odors. The company is owned by Merlin Balfour, a snowboarding professional and an entrepreneur. Smellawayz is based in Soldeu, Andorra.