Sim Finland Oy licenses Nolla™ technology

Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd. and Sim Finland Oy have entered into a licensing agreement for Nolla™ technology for cosmetics and biocide applications for global markets.

This non-exclusive agreement includes the right to use Nolla™ technology in cosmetics and biocide applications, the full Nolla technology package and supply of Nolla™ polymer.

Under the agreement, Sim Finland Oy is able to enter new markets with unique formulations ranging from antimicrobial professional products to personal hygiene solutions for consumers. Its current product portfolio includes over 30 formulations for cosmetics and biocide applications, and several formulations are in the development pipeline.

“Sim Finland Oy is an important licensee for Nolla™ technology because of their strong position in the hand sanitizer market in Finland”, says Jyri Nieminen, Managing Partner, Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd. “This license agreement furthers the commercialization of Nolla™ technology based products”

“There is a critical need for a safe and effective hand sanitizer made without alcohol for use in hospitals and homes,” says Tatu Viherma, Managing Director, Sim Finland Oy and continues, “The market in alcohol-free hand sanitizers has changed because PHMG was banned. And of course we have been very impressed with the third party evaluations conducted on Nolla™ technology based products.” The license is global, but Sim’s target markets are the retail and consumer markets of Northern Europe. The new Nolla technology based hand sanitizer sprays and foams are highly sophisticated products causing none of the negative effects of alcohol-based sanitizer products, like skin drying or irritation, skin stickiness, smell or flammability.

About Nolla technology

Nolla technology is based on a revolutionary idea to use specific ionic polymers as a carrier material for ionic silver, the most effective antimicrobial substance. The result a is fully polymeric silver which has thousands of times higher active surface area compared silver nano particles. High surface area of silver ions means high antimicrobial performance.

About Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd.

Nolla Antimicrobial Ltd. is a pharmaceuticals development company with a proprietary antimicrobial technology based on silver polymer. The technology has endless applications in cosmetics, biocides, pharmaceuticals and in industrial use. It can be used for anything from deodorants for ultra-sensitive skin to biocides like alcohol-free hand sanitizer foam, which reduces MRSA and coronavirus (SARS, MERS) by more than 99.99%.


About Sim Finland Oy

Sim Finland Oy is the leading manufacturer of hair products and fragrance-free cosmetics in Finland. Sim Sensitive is strong in the Finnish market and is quickly growing in exports. With a strong base of regular clients, Sim Sensitive has more than 230 exclusive Clean Air Salon concept salons and the interest in the concept is constantly growing.