Nolla Antimicrobial notifies silver chloride

Nolla Antimicrobial strengthens its position in European biocide market by notifying silver chloride as an active substance. Silver chloride is now accepted by European Chemical Agency (ECHA) as a supported active substance that can be used as an active substance in notified product-types.

Nolla Antimicrobial has notified silver chloride in several product-types that cover all biocidal uses of Nolla technology in Europe. The notification of these product-types means that biocidal products containing Nolla can be marketed in the EU. These products are used for improving hygiene, surface disinfection and material preservation.

This notification is a crucial step for Nolla Antimicrobial as biocides have become heavily regulated in Europe. “Nowadays the regulation of biocides is challenging for new technologies. Nolla Antimicrobial is committed to meeting the regulatory challenges and making Nolla technology and Nolla-based products available now and in the future.” says Jyri Nieminen, CEO and Founder of Nolla Antimicrobial.

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