Nolla silver polymer highly effective against flesh-eating P. Aeruginosa

Independent test results verify Nolla silver polymer technology’s effectiveness against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a Gram-negative bacterium that grows in soil, water, humans, animals, plants, sewage, and hospitals.

In humans, P. aeruginosa is major opportunistic pathogen that has been shown to have intrinsic resistance against antibiotics and antimicrobials making it a hard-to-kill microorganism.

P. aeruginosa negatively affects wound healing, urinary-tract infections in catheterized patients, hospital-acquired pneumonia and cystic fibrosis. In addition, P. aeruginosa is known to form biofilms, which makes it difficult to eradicate.

Nolla Antimicrobial’s biocidal active substance has been tested against planktonic P. aeruginosa (ATCC 9027) for antimicrobial effect by an independent third party laboratory. Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimal bactericide concentration (MBC) were determined according to agar dilution method based on DIN 58940 standard. Antibiofilm characteristics were not evaluated in the study. MIC value was evaluated at 40 ppm at silver ion concentration and MBC at 60 ppm in silver ion concentration. In addition to silver ions, the test substance contained solvent, polymeric carrier and stabilizer.

The results demonstrate Nolla technology’s excellent efficacy against P. aeruginosa.

Download the test results