Nolla Antimicrobial Relocates to Andorra

Nolla Antimicrobial is relocating its headquarters from Malta to Andorra. The move is expected to be completed in July. The company’s R&D and production facilities will remain in Finland.

Andorra a is located between France and Spain in the eastern Pyrenees. Its capital Andorra la Valla, based at en elevation of 1023 meters, is the highest capital city in Europe. Sixth smallest country in Europe, Andorra is known for its highly advanced banking sector, low taxes and as one of the continent’s top tourist destinations.

Founder, CEO Jyri Nieminen comments the move: “After comparing different options relocating Nolla Antimicrobial to Andorra was an easy decision. In my view Andorra is the new Luxembourg: a stable and business-oriented country with an extremely high quality of living which makes it easy to attract the top talent needed in high tech companies. Relocating to Andorra allows us to maintain the rapid growth of Nolla Antimicrobial for years to come.”