Nolla technology patented in South Africa

Nolla Antimicrobial reached yet another milestone by receiving news of the first patent for Nolla technology. The first country to grant a patent for Nolla technology is South Africa and the patent will be issued on the 26th of August.

Strong patent protection for the revolutionary technology is a key goal of Nolla Antimicrobial. With the South African patent on its way, Nolla Antimicrobial now expects further positive decisions from over 140 countries where it seeks patent protection for Nolla silver polymer technology.

Founder, CEO Jyri Nieminen comments: “Receiving the first patent for the first generation Nolla technology from over 140 countries we applied in is a remarkable milestone in the company’s history. Development of new antimicrobial technologies is mandatory, but it’s also an extremely risky business which is why the patent is so important. Nolla Antimicrobial is the only silver polymer manufacturer globally and now our patent protects thousands of silver polymer structures, thousands of end use applications and several methods of producing silver polymers. This gives us an excellent position to ramp up our technology sales.”