Nolla technology now available for licensing

Nolla Antimicrobial has made its Nolla™ silver polymer technology available for licensing. Before only available for selected partners, Nolla Antimicrobial will now license the technology to businesses in the biocide and cosmetics markets.

This non-exclusive licensing package includes the world wide right to use Nolla technology in cosmetics and biocides, supply of Nolla polymer and product recipes for the constantly expanding product range currently consisting of more than 30 products. The licensees are further supported with the production know-how and active consulting of Nolla Antimicrobial.

Managing partner Jyri Nieminen comments: “Nolla Antimicrobial and its products have reached a level of maturity where we can start offering licenses to manufacturers of high quality cosmetics and biocides. We are confident that the cost effectiveness and end consumer satisfaction of Nolla-based products will give early adopters of Nolla technology a big competitive edge. This is why we designed the licensing package to minimize the time to market.”

For more information see full licensing information.