Nolla Pharmaceutical

Nolla Antimicrobial will spin off a new company: Nolla Pharmaceutical. Nolla Antimicrobial continues the company’s current operations while Nolla Pharmaceutical will concentrate on developing antibiotic-free drugs for common skin conditions.

Founder, CEO Jyri Nieminen comments: “Nolla silver polymer is the perfect platform for the next generation of antibiotic-free dermatological treatments. By spinning off Nolla Pharmaceutical we can bring the new treatments to markets quickly. This wouldn’t have been otherwise possible as the business model of drug development is so different from Nolla Antimicrobial’s operations.”

Like its parent company, Nolla Pharmaceutical is to be headquartered in Andorra. The company already has several projects in preclicinal stage and aims to add two to three new projects yearly. The company works together with contract research organizations specializing in the design and execution of drug development plans up to the proof-of-concept stage.