Excellent Test Results for Nolla Antimicrobial Anti-Mold Spray

The fungicidal and yeasticidal activity of Nolla Antimicrobial Anti-Mold Spray was found to be highly effective in tests performed by Hjelt Institute of University of Helsinki, Finland. The anti-mold spray was tested according to industry standard EN 1650.

The anti-fungal efficacy was evaluated against Aspergillus brasiliensis, a common fungus that causes black mold, for example. The resulting elimination rate was over 99.9999%.

The anti-yeast activity was tested against Candida albicans. The result was again an impressive elimination rate of over 99.9999%. Our customers confirm outstanding results in everyday use of Nolla Antimicrobial Anti-Mold Spray.

Nolla Antimicrobial Anti-Mold Spray has numerous uses. It can be used to eliminate mildew from sensitive surfaces such as bathroom walls, boats, cellars, etc. It is also effective for removing mildew from shower areas and bathroom sinks. Anti-Mold Spray is based on Nolla™ silver polymer technology which guarantees long-lasting results.

For more information about Anti-Mold Spray and Nolla Silver Polymer Technology, contact Nolla Antimicrobial Global. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.