Nolla technology proven skin-friendly and hypoallergenic

Nolla silver polymer’s remarkable combination of skin friendliness and antimicrobial efficiency was again highlighted by independent testing. The latest test shows that Nolla doesn’t irritate skin and is hypoallergenic even when tested with concentrations higher than what is used in Nolla-based hand sanitizers.

Skin allergies are relatively common diseases affecting about 20% of the population in Europe alone. Sensitization of skin is caused by allergens such as antimicrobial agents, preservatives and perfumes that induce contact dermatitis.

These allergy-inducing ingredients are widely used in both consumer products (e.g. lotions, deodorants, shampoos) and industrial products (e.g. paints, cooling oils). For example in hand hygiene, allergic reactions have been reported with commonly used ingredients like chlorhexidine, alcohols, QACs, chloroxylenol and triclosan.

The main strategy for minimizing skin allergies, is simply to select less-irritant ingredients in product formulation as these ingredients are vital for maintaining durability and quality of the product.

Nolla Antimicrobial tested its antimicrobial silver-containing polymer for its sensitization potential with industry-standard protocol, Human Repeated Insult Patch Test (HRIPT). Nolla BG, the silver-polymer additive, was tested at silver-ion concentration of 300 pm. This concentration is 100% to 300% higher concentration than in Nolla BG containing hand sanitizers. Nolla BG with 90 ppm silver concentration is enough to fulfill European EN 1500 hand sanitizer standard with 50% less volume compared to a 60% isopropanol-based reference sanitizer.

The results obtained were outstanding.

No skin reaction was noticed by the dermatologist on the reference area for all subjects. No irritation or sensitization reactions occurred on the subjects that decided to withdraw. According to the scale used for the interpretation of the results, the Nolla BG can be considered as Non-Sensitizing, or Hypoallergenic or Formulated to minimize the risks of allergy under normal way of use.

“Concluding the results, Nolla technology has the perfect ratio between skin friendliness and antimicrobial performance.” says Juha-Pekka Pöyry, R&D Director of Nolla Antimicrobial. “If we compare the Nolla technology to any other biocide technology used in hand sanitizers, we can state that the hypoallergenic nature and antimicrobial efficacy make Nolla technology totally unique in the industry. After banning triclosan in Europe, the main active ingredient of alcohol-free hand sanitizers is going to be benzalkonium chloride, which is a well-known skin irritant and on occasions has also been reported to have allergenic properties.” he continues.

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