Water-based Nolla surface spray passes surgical disinfection test EN 13727

Nolla silver polymer surface spray has been evaluated in a quantitive test for bactericidal activity in medical use. Nolla spray passed the test with a very low concentration of silver ions.

The goal of the study was to evaluate the bactericidal activity of the water-based Nolla spray under the requirements of European Standard EN 13727:2012 +A1:2013. The study was performed independently by Quality Assurance & Control Systems in Greece.

The water-based Nolla product passed the test showing a >5 log reduction within 5 minutes contact time. Nolla was effective against all tested strains: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus hirae.

Remarkably Nolla passed the test with a low silver ion concentration of just 150 ppm.

The test shows that water-based Nolla is an effective solution for disinfectant and antiseptic use, and can be used in various medical applications.