Perfect skin compatibility score for cosmetic-grade Nolla

Independent testing has shown that cosmetics-grade Nolla silver polymer does not cause skin irritation. Test done by Quality Assurance & Control Systems (Greece) confirmed that Nolla-based cosmetics are safe even for sensitive skin.

The study included 12 healthy adult volunteers, who were exposed to cosmetic-grade Nolla polymer in a 48 hour occlusive patch test. The objective of the test was to determine if the test substance is likely to induce skin irritation under normal conditions of use and reasonably foreseeable misuse conditions. The method used was a single application of a patch containing 0.02ml of Nolla on the of the volunteers.

Within the testing period a dermatologist noted if and how much erythema, dryness and oedema the test substance caused. Nolla scored the best possible result (zero) in all three categories.

The study was conducted by suitably trained, qualified and experienced personnel in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki (1964) and subsequent revisions (World Medical Association, 1989, Council for International Organisations of Medical Science and the World Health Organisation, 1993) and taking into consideration the requirements of Directives 2001/20/EC and 2005/28/EC.

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