Argen Lab Oy introduces Nolla-based biocide product line

Finnish brand Argen Lab launches a biocide product line of Sports Gear & Textile Spray, Shoe Deodorant and Anti-Mold Spray.

The products are based on Nolla-technologyargenlab products, which provides fast-acting performance and up to 99.99999% elimination of odour-causing bacteria, spores, mould, mildew and other micro-organisms.

Nolla also guarantees long-lasting freshness, as an invisible layer of silver ions continues to protect the sprayed surface against unwanted germs.

Argen Lab’s line of three biocide products covers a wide range of end uses:

  • Sports Gear and Textile Spray
    Fast-acting odour eliminator, proven to keep sports equipment and fabrics fresh and odour-free. Smells are eliminated instantly on the sprayed item without the need to wash or even rinse.
  • Shoe Deodorant:
    Eliminates odour-causing and shoe-damaging bacteria and leaves the shoes fresh without the need for articial fragrances.
  • Anti-mold Spray:
    Kills spores, mould, mildew, and other micro-organisms. This product instantly removes stains and odours caused by mould.

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