Nolla for Textile And Non Woven Coatings

Nolla is a revolutionary new technology for antimicrobial fibers from staple and filament fibers to nonwovens and garments. Nolla is the most cost effective cutting edge antimicrobial technology for textiles and nonwovens in the market.

Smart textiles

With Nolla you can incorporate smart functionality to many textiles, making them odor and microbe resistant.

Nolla silver polymer turns normal textiles and nonwovens into highly antimicrobial and enables them to resist multiple bacteria, virus, fungi and mold species. Extremely low amounts of silver are needed for the full antimicrobial effect: 0.01% of silver mass reduces MRSA by over 99.99%.

Microbes are also a source of unwanted odors on clothing. Nolla provides long-lasting freshness to a wide range of textiles and nonwovens.

When using Nolla technology the amount of required active ingredient is hundreds of times less when compared to traditional quaternary amines or triclosan. The level of antimicrobial performance can be easily adjusted when needed.

Nolla can be used in different stages of textile manufacturing processes: fibers, yarns, fabrics and textiles. Because of Nolla’s high stability, white textile applications do not discolor.

Application areas

Nolla is suitable for:

Yarn production
Interlocked fibers of yarn form perfect substrate for Nolla polymer, thus a high surface area and adhesion is achieved. Practically all of the fiber surface is covered with antimicrobial silver polymer.

polypropylene coating

Nolla is an effective antimicrobial coating for polypropylene.

Nolla treatment is suitable for producing many types of nonwovens, even hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics. Nolla treated fibers keep high antimicrobial performance even after 2200 psi water jets in the hydroentangling process.

Fiber and fiber fill products
Nolla based fibers are ideal for creating fiber filled products like pillows, bedding products etc. Nolla technology in fiberfill is at the forefront of safety, comfort and innovation. Nolla fiberfill prevents activity of odor-causing microbes in high quality bedding products, improving comfort and safety.

Fiber and textile filtering materials
Technical textiles are a wide area of functional textiles where the antimicrobial sector is growing fastest. Nolla technology brings a revolution to multiple technical textile sectors, like filtering. Never before has antimicrobial textile filtering production been so cost effective.

Garment production
Many different types of garments can be coated with Nolla polymer. It can be introduced to garment at the end of the manufacturing process or as a separate post process treatment.

Fabric production and finishing
Many different types of fabrics can be coated with Nolla polymer. It can be introduced to the fabric at the end of the manufacturing process or as a separate post process treatment.

Nonwoven end products

Relevant end product applications in nonwovens are:


  • Wound dressings
  • Operating covers
  • Breathing masks
  • Air filters, liquid filters, etc.
Odor control

  • Dish cloths
  • Diapers
  • Female hygiene products, etc.

Cost effective and durable

Nolla is very cost effective in production. It can be applied in varying coating processes as a water based solution. Applying Nolla is a streamlined process and only very low levels of the active ingredient are needed.

According the company’s research, Nolla treatment is also durable. A high level of antimicrobial activity remains after 50 cycles of washing in a lab scale washing process, when some level of cross linking of Nolla is done.

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