Nolla for Synthetic Fiber Coating

Nolla technology is suitable for all synthetic fibers. Extremely low amounts of Nolla polymer turn normal polyester, polyamide and polypropene fibers highly antimicrobial.

Silver-based Nolla technology is the most cost effective antimicrobial technology for synthetic fibers. 0.01% mass levels of silver reduce MRSA over 99.99%. Even smaller amounts of silver are enough to keep synthetic fiber products fresh for a long time.

Fiber suitability

Nolla is suitable for the following synthetic fiber materials:

  • Fibre / yarn / topical treatment
  • Rayon. Nolla forms chemical bonding with rayon in an aqueous solution.
  • Polyester. Traditional polyester fibers must be pretreated for optimal adhesion.
  • Polypropylene. Traditional polypropylene fibers must be pretreated for optimal adhesion.
  • Nylon. Traditional nylon and polyamide fibers must be pretreated for optimal adhesion.
  • Acrylic. Traditional acrylic fibers must be pretreated for optimal adhesion.

End product applications

Relevant end product applications for antimicrobial synthetic fibers are different antimicrobial products and products were odor control is required.

Typical examples of antimicrobial applications are different hospital textiles: garments, linen, privacy curtains, etc.

End products that require odor control: sport garments, socks and underwear, work wear, etc.

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