Nolla Antimicrobial Laundry Treatments

Nolla technology can make a laundry business more profitable by enabling an antimicrobial coating service for used textiles. Coating increases the value and hygiene of old sheets, towels and clothes by providing long-lasting antimicrobial performance and freshness.

Hospital textiles

Textiles are one of the main sources of microbial contamination in hospital and healthcare sector. In the fight against MRSA, it is important to treat the maximum amount of textile surfaces for pathogenic inhibiting.

It is not possible to use sheets starched with antibiotics or dress the patients and staff in antibiotic clothing. However, an antimicrobial Nolla coating can be added to the textiles cost effectively.

Treating textiles with antimicrobial Nolla technology is simple. After a normal high temperature laundry without conditioner, the textiles are spin dried and moved to a specific washing machine suitable for the Nolla treatment. After the treatment textiles are dried. Nolla polymer forms chemical bonds to the surface of the textile while water evaporates during drying.

From washing machines to antimicrobial coating machines

Industrial washing machines are easily converted to textile coating machines. Conversion costs are minimal. After the conversion they can treat textiles with highly antimicrobial Nolla solution to form a permanent antimicrobial coating.

Washing machines need to be extremely clean to be suitable for Nolla treatments and the conversion. Water inlet and outlet of the machine are connected to same reserve barrel to enable water circulation. Nolla concentrate is added with distilled water for the treatment. The amount of Nolla depends on the weight of the textiles and the needed level of antimicrobial functionality.

After the treatment, water containing ultra-low amounts of silver is collected to a barrel equipped with electrodes to collect all the silver. After the collection water is suitable to normal waste water management. The collection electrodes are a small investment.

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