Nolla for cellulosic fibers

Antimicrobial cellulosic fibers are used for manufacturing textiles, wipes, filters and other fiber products resistant to bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. The demand for antimicrobial fibers grows steadily.

The best and user-friendliest way of making fiber antimicrobial is using antimicrobial Nolla silver polymer. Nolla enables vast new product families with its high levels of cost effectiveness and antimicrobial performance.

Cotton and viscose fiber coatings

Nolla antimicrobial technology implemented to cotton and viscose fibers enables totally new applications for cellulosic fibers.

antimicrobial fiber close up

Ultra thin molecular Nolla silver polymer coating is invisible in SEM pictures. Nolla has excellent adhesion properties to cellulosic fibers, both natural like cotton and manufactured like viscose.

Due to the chemical structure of cellulosic fibers they are an ideal target for Nolla technology. Extremely low amounts of silver turn normal cellulosic fibers highly antimicrobial. 0.01% mass level of silver in fibers reduces MRSA by over 99.99%.

Nolla technology brings added value to cellulosic fibers within specific application areas where antimicrobial function is needed e.g. for improving safety and prolonging product life.

Silver has been used in antimicrobial fibers for a long time. What makes the Nolla silver polymer technology revolutionary is its extreme cost effectiveness. Nolla antimicrobial cotton and viscose fiber will be significantly more cost effective and have higher performance than any other antimicrobial fiber on the market. The cost benefit extends all the way to the end-user of the textile.

End use applications

Antimicrobial fibers produced with Nolla technology are ideal for making high-quality and durable antimicrobial textiles.

The need for bacteria and virus resistant textiles is greatest in the medical and healthcare industry. The largest factor for the growing demand is prevention of MRSA.

Tests run by external research institutes have shown that Nolla based cellulosic fibers are capable of reducing MRSA bacteria by 99.99% by using only 0.01% silver loading.

Nolla is suitable for both staple and filament fibers.

Examples of end use applications:

Coating process

Nolla technology utilizes the well-known antimicrobial effect of silver in a new patented coating method. It is possible to introduce Nolla coating to all cellulosic fibers and textiles.

Nolla Antimicrobial has lab scale coating equipment, which helps production ramp up. The manufacturing process of antimicrobial cellulosic fibers has been developed by Nolla Antimicrobial, and it has been tested in production scale.

During the coating process fibers are impregnated with aqueous Nolla polymer which is chemically attached to the fiber structure. The result is highly functional antimicrobial fibers. The presence of moisture causes release of a small amount of silver ions which inactivate microbes on the fiber’s surfaces.

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