Nolla for Industrial Applications

Due to Nolla technology’s versatility it has been introduced successfully to several industrial sectors from viscose fiber coatings to textile and paperboard coatings.

Nolla Antimicrobial operates in the industrial applications sector on a case-by-case basis.

Industrial application areas

1. Paper and paperboard coatings
Nolla based paper product applications will include protecting hospital case notes and medical files against proliferation of bacteria, and antimold paperboards for construction materials.

2. Cotton and viscose fiber coatings
Cellulosic fibers are ideal ground for Nolla technology. Extremely low amounts of silver make normal fibers highly antimicrobial. 0.01% mass level of silver reduces MRSA by over 99.99%..

3. Synthetic fiber coatings
Extremely low amounts of silver make normal Polyester, Polyamide or Polypropene fibers highly antimicrobial. 0.01% mass levels of silver reduce MRSA over 99.99%.

4. Textile and non woven coating
Nolla treated textiles resist smells and microbes. Extremely low amounts of silver change normal textiles and non wovens to highly antimicrobial. 0,01% mass level of silver reduces MRSA by over 99.99%. Nolla is suitable for fiber and textile filtering materials.

5. Construction
Nolla provides complete protection to building materials against algae mold fungi and other microbial species.

6. Laundry
Nolla can make laundry business more profitable by enabling coating service for used textiles. Antimicrobial coating increases the value of old sheets and towels.

7. Varnishes
Nolla technology can be introduced to several varnish chemistries like epoxides and urethanes. With cross linkable two component system it is possible to reach remarkably long and wear resistant antimicrobial performance window.

8. Wood preservation
Nolla has great potential in use for wood preservation. Chromated copper arsenate has been banned and there is a need for new preservatives. Nolla embedded lumber resists mildew and mould effectively.

Start-up costs

Introduction of Nolla technology to industrial applications is a cost-efficient process. Production ramp-up schedule and required investments can be reliably estimated before starting the project.

Current Nolla polymer production capacity is sufficient for large industrial operations, and company is committed to invest to capacity expansion when necessary.

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Nolla is not suitable to everything because of its complex chemistry. Scientists and chemists in Nolla Antimicrobial have a deep understanding of antimicrobial performance of Nolla in different applications and we are more than willing to share their knowledge.

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