Nolla Cosmetics Oy

Nolla Antimicrobial spins off a new company, Nolla Cosmetics Oy, for focusing on cosmetic products.

Nolla Antimicrobial addresses WHO’s call for new biocides

Nolla safely eliminates many of the bacteria on WHO’s list of most dangerous bacteria

Nolla Eliminates P. Aeruginosa

With Nolla technology only 3 ppm of silver is required to eliminate multi-drug resistant P. Aeruginosa

Nolla kills multidrug-resistant E. Coli with just 1.5 ppm of silver

Water-based Nolla Polymer eliminates E. Coli strain resistant against 36 widely-used antimicrobials

Nolla found effective against MRSA

Nolla eliminates MRSA while being safe and comfortable to use

Nolla sanitizers found highly effective against Norovirus

Nolla-based sanitizers eliminate Norovirus with over 99.99% effectiveness.

Nolla technology proven skin-friendly and hypoallergenic

Independent test results show that Nolla silver polymer doesn’t irritate skin even in high concentrations.

Nolla Antimicrobial notifies silver chloride

Nolla Antimicrobial strengthens its regulatory position in Europe.

Strategic value of Nolla technology is growing

Banning of PHMG and Triclosan continues to grow the value of Nolla technology

Sim Finland Oy launches Nolla-based line of cosmetics

Sim Finland Oy launches a new line of Nolla-powered skin-friendly cosmetics

Argen Lab Oy introduces Nolla-based biocide product line

Argen Lab introduces a new Nolla-powered product line of three sanitizers

European Distribution Center (Latvia) signs a licensing agreement with Nolla Antimicrobial

EDC signs a licensing agreement and aims to open a Nolla-optimized factory within months

Water-based Nolla surface spray passes surgical disinfection test EN 13727

Nolla surface spray passes surgical disinfection standard EN 13727 in an independent study

Nolla technology patented in South Africa

South Africa will be the first of over 140 countries to grant Nolla technology a patent

Perfect skin compatibility score for cosmetic-grade Nolla

Indenpendent testing gives cosmetics-grade Nolla polymer a perfect score for skin compatibility

Nolla Pharmaceutical

Nolla Antimicrobial spins off Nolla Pharmaceutical for dermatological drug development