Manufacturing Capabilities

Nolla Antimicrobial’s state-of-the-art manufacturing lines for Nolla polymer are located in Viikki Science Park, Helsinki, Finland.

Currently Nolla Antimicrobial produces four different Nolla grades, but has the capability to expand its product portfolio. The company has two batch type reactors for high quality and flexible production of Nolla polymers.

Current production capacity exceeds 100 million EUR in annual revenue, calculated as cosmetics and biocide end products. Nolla Antimicrobial can expand capacity when needed.

The company has developed safe manufacturing processes that minimize the waste and amount of raw materials needed. Key elements are high quality raw materials and processing equipment.

The company is reaching zero (Nolla = zero in Finnish) level of waste material in production. There are no emissions to water or to air, and noise during production is very low.

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