IPR strategy

Intellectual property rights (IPR) have a key role in Nolla Antimicrobial’s strategy and business model.

IPR licensing generates Nolla Antimicrobial’s main revenue stream. The company continously creates new IP and monitors IP of its business areas.

IPR strategy in a nutshell

Identify effectively
Nolla Antimicrobial’s business model leans strongly towards research and development. The company has several parallel development projects, results of which are identified and evaluated carefully.

Protect actively
The company protects its IP with patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyrights. Nolla Antimicrobial has a relationship with patent attorney Christoffer Sundman.

Defend forcefully
The company has IPR defence experience in Board of directors. Attorney-at-law Timo Mäenpää specializes in IPR litigation.

Current patent applications

  • Antimicrobial Ionomer Composition and Uses Thereof WO2013026961A1
  • Multipurpose Disinfection Foam FI 20135578

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