Nolla Antimicrobial

We develop cutting edge antimicrobial products.


Our products are based on proprietary Nolla™ silver polymer technology. Nolla offers supreme antimicrobial performance while being safe to use and cost effective to produce.


Nolla technology, and the products based on it, are available for licensing. We also have contract manufacturers available for private label clients and offer customized services for industrial clients.


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Our Product Range

We have a full range of antimicrobial products available. Our product range grows constantly and covers everything from personal hygiene to surface disinfection and beyond.


All the products are based on Nolla™ silver polymer, guaranteeing never-before-seen cost-effectiveness and performance.


Nolla products and technology are available for licensing. Private labeling is also possible with the help of our contract manufacturers.


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Nolla™ silver polymer technology

We are proud to introduce a new era in antimicrobial products with our Nolla silver polymer technology.
Highly effective, safe to use and cost effective to produce, Nolla is nothing short of a revolution in the antimicrobial field.

Industrial applications

Versatility and cost effectiveness make Nolla™ silver polymer a a natural choice for industrial applications.


Nolla can be used for coating fibres, protecting materials against microbes, sanitizing equipment ... whenever and wherever high antimicrobial performance is of the utmost importance.


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Private label solutions

Our product - your branding. Our contract manufacturers can provide Nolla products with your branding. Adding cutting edge antimicrobial products to your product line has never been easier or faster.


Your customers enjoy effective and safe antimicrobial products. You enjoy the cost effectiveness of Nolla™ products.


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Customized products

In addition to our ready made product selection we can also build you your own tailor-made antibacterial product according to your specifications.


Our custom made antimicrobial products offer the same high level of cost effectiveness and performance as our ready made products.


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